Thank you for taking the time to apply for this fabulous St. Pete Craft Heroes event!  The St. Pete
    Craft Heroes are a HUGE supporter of non-profit organizations in our community and are on a
    mission to support the DIY Craft Movement.  Please be sure you have thoroughly completed the
    vendor application and have read the event details including the liability release.  Be sure to
    indicate on your application if you desire to share a space with another vendor and have your
    partner do the same.  APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MONDAY AUGUST 3, 2009

    The Location: The Studio @ 620 is a local visual and performing arts non-profit located in the
    heart of St. Petersburg's creative community.  As a membership based organization, The Studio has
    a large and dedicated audience who share an enthusiasm for the arts.  Holizaar Deux will be the
    second annual holiday bazaar to be held at The Studio @ 620.  Because the 2008 Holizaar event
    was such a success it has been expanded to a two day show for 2009.  The Studio is a
    warm and generous place with a history of supporting all genres of creativity from painting to
    poetry.  A large portion of vendor registration fees for this event are donated to The Studio to
    help them continue their programmatic work in St. Petersburg.
    You can learn more about them at

    Helpful Hint: You may want to review images posted on the Craft Heroes website,, to get an idea for the types of vendor displays and styles of products that
    have been exhibited during past events.  While the Craft Heroes are always looking for new vendors
    with fresh creations, there is also a certain "flavor" that has come to be the standard at Craft Heroes
    events.  A quick check of past shows may help you know if you're on the right track.

    Now What? The St. Pete Craft Heroes events are fun and for that reason many vendor
    applications will be submitted, far more than the event location can accommodate.  Please be aware
    that spaces are NOT assigned on a first come first served basis, so if you're applying close to the
    deadline you are not out of luck.  Vendors are selected based on creativity of display, type
    of product, and quality of work.  Keep in mind that some product categories fill quickly, such as
    jewelry for example, because many artisans work in that medium.  

    Please be patient!  The Craft Heroes are vendors too and they know the suspense can be
    agonizing wondering and waiting to see if you've been accepted into a show.  You will receive a
    brief email confirming your status either way within 3 weeks of the application deadline. Be aware
    that once accepted into the show there are no refunds of registration fees and no transfer of
    space assignment to another vendor. As the event date draws closer additional set up and show
    information will be distributed to all confirmed vendors.  

    Later on: If at some point you determine you cannot participate, notify The Craft Heroes
    immediately.  Customers have come to expect a professional event with excellent selection so
    it is vital to everyone's success that all vendor spots are filled on the day of the show.  This is
    what keeps shoppers coming back again and again and it directly impacts YOUR SALES!  
    Help us to put our best foot forward.
The Second Annual Craft Hero Holiday Bazaar
Holizaar Deux
Vendor Information and Application
Holizaar Deux 2009 Vendor Application Form
Your name:
Shop Name:
Website with
product pics
If no website with images is available, please email a minimum of 3 product pics
and 1 display pic to
Product Type (i.e. jewelry, art, pottery/ceramincs, clothing, metalwork, paper goods,
home decor, baby/child, glass, plush, bags/purses, etc)
Detailed Product Description wtih price range:
Questions, comments, or special requests:
Release and Hold Harmless Agreement:
The undersigned, being over the age of eighteen (18) years, does hereby request
the Studio 620, for permission to participate in the St. Pete Craft Heroes/ Holizaar
Deux 2009. I understand the benefit of this program / event and I agree to obey all
instructions, orders, or commands given me by the officials in charge of the
program/event. I acknowledge the risks of participation in this program/event and I
may be subject to physical injury or property damage, whether caused by an
intentional or unintentional act or omission. In full consideration and
acknowledgement of the risks of participation in this program/event, I freely and
voluntarily agree to participate in this program/event and accept the risks of so
In consideration of being allowed to participate in this voluntary program / event
and receiving the benefit thereof, I, myself, my heirs, personal representative, next
of kin or assigns, do hereby forever release, waive, discharge, hold harmless and
covenant not to sue the Studio 620, The Crafty Hag, BoogieBead, its officials,
officers, agents, employees, representative, assigns, and insurers, individually and
collectively, hereinafter referred to as "releasees", of and from all liability for any
and all loss or damage, including personal injury, property damage or death,
whether caused by the negligence of the releasees or otherwise, while I am in any
way participating in the above described program/event.
I further acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this release and hold
harmless agreement, and that I have voluntarily executed the same without any
further inducement or promise not contained herein. I expressly agree that this
agreement shall be construed as broadly as permitted by the law of the State of
Florida, and that if any part hereof is declared invalid, the remainder shall remain
in full force and effect.

REQUIRED: Please confirm that you have read and agree with this hold
harmless agreement by typing your name in the box below.