The Crafty Hag: Art You Can Afford
Coralette Damme is The Crafty Hag

Coralette has studied a variety of artistic mediums, with emphasis on
printmaking and painting and has earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from
the the University of Nebraska in 1990.  In 1991 she moved to Minnesota’s Twin
Cities and taught in a community education program, offering classes in paper
marbling and art history while working full time as a designer for an art gallery
and custom framing studio.  A few years later she took a mini-course in stained
glass in St. Paul and continues to work in a variety of media.

Currently Coralette’s artistic endeavors are based out of her home in St.
Petersburg, FL.  She started The Crafty Hag as a home business in 2004, offering
hand made cards, stained glass, and other seasonally inspired items.  She is
currently busy creating new linocut prints and hand carved rubber stamps with
printmaking being her art of choice.  She is also concentrating on using recycled
products as art materials in an effort to be just a little more earth friendly.  You
can find out about all of Coralette's public art offerings on The Crafty Hag's

calendar of events page

"I work in a spur of the moment/what is inspiring me right now method. I am
fortunate to have a variety of media to use in my efforts to create something that
expresses my mood or my perception of a situation. My creations tend to be based
in reality and are figurative for the most part -- you can usually spot the source of
my inspiration right off the bat. I infuse bold contrasts, heavy outlines, strong
colors, and a sense of humor in my work."

The Crafty Hag is about variety and doesn't believe in limiting yourself to one
type of creativity! She lets her sense of humor be her guide. Artistically her
affinities lie with the German Expressionist movement combined with a touch of

As The Crafty Hag, Coralette is free to be herself and let her sense of humor be
her guide. Her artwork has a definite sassy edge and colorful zest for life.
Coralette strives to make art you can afford because as someone once said,
“Without art, we’re all just monkeys with car keys.”

The Crafty Hag is also one of the two original St. Pete Craft Heroes--a dynamic
creative duo who are saving the 'Burg from stale boring crafts.  The Craft Heroes
plan and present art and craft shows around the St. Petersburg and greater
Tampa Bay Area, often as a benefit for local charities.  Find out about the latest
Craft Heroes activities at

Please feel free to contact the Crafty Hag by using the form on the contact the
crafty hag page.