Welcome to the world of Coralette Damme, aka The Crafty Hag.  

Coralette Damme is an artist with Midwestern roots, currently located in St.
Petersburg, FL.  Coralette has a degree in Fine Art from the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln.  Raised with traditions for celebrating each holiday on the
calendar her work continues to be influenced by the varied seasonal occasions.
Her most favorite holiday being Halloween you'll notice a slightly spooky slant to
her work.  She's no stranger to the dark side, and imbues it with whimsy, humor
and good-natured self-mockery.

Coralette works in a variety of media, from acrylic paints to linocuts. Artistically
her affinities lie with the German Expressionist movement combined with a
touch of the Surreal.  She draws inspiration from cultural legends, nostalgia,
and the natural world and is no stranger to exploring life's energies, everything
from animal totemic forms full of power and mystery to her own artistic

Coralette believes in the old fashioned methods of pencil on paper and brings
new life and hands on approaches to different creative techniques.  She
doesn't think you need the latest gadget to be creative and prints her linocut
artwork the old fashioned way, by hand, without a printing press.  Her screen
prints are similarly hand printed. When she says original art work you better
believe she means it.

"I work in a spur of the moment/what is inspiring me right now method. I am
fortunate to have a variety of media to use in my efforts to create and express
my mood. My creations tend to be based in reality and are figurative for the
most part -- you can usually spot the source of my inspiration right away. I
infuse bold contrasts, heavy outlines, strong colors, and a sense of humor in my
work.  I draw equally from nature, myths, holidays, and daily life as starting
points for my imagery.  My work tends to leave people smiling, or at least

Thanks to Trevor Burnett for making this short video documentary about my art and creative process!