Greetings Art Lover! Odds are if you're reading this we've crossed paths at an
art event or online.  Thanks for stopping to check out my work, I am constantly
making new work as it is my greatest passion! So keep an eye on my various
blogs for photo posts.  Thanks for tracking me down! If you need me, I'm in my
studio so just give me a shout...            -Coralette

About the Artist:
Coralette Damme received her BFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and
currently resides in Saint Petersburg, FL
.  Although her primary outlet is block
printing, Coralette is a trained painter and has a history of working in ceramic
as well.  Artistically her affinites lie with the German Expressionist movement
combined with a touch of the Surreal.  

Coralette practices an analog approach to creating artwork and, having limited
studio space, has found inventive ways to put every day resources to work in
her creative pursuits. Coralette prints her linocut artwork the old fashioned
way, by hand, without a printing press and her screen prints are similarly hand
blocked and printed. Many of her prints defy the convention of numbered
editions and  often
are one of a kind singular works.

Coralette finds inspiration in holiday traditions, the natural world, and cultural
legends and symbols.

"I work in a spur of the moment/what is inspiring me right now method. I am
fortunate to have a variety of media to use in my efforts to create and express
my mood. My creations tend to be based in reality and are figurative for the
most part -- you can usually spot the source of my inspiration right away. I
infuse bold contrasts, heavy outlines, strong colors, and a sense of humor in my
work.  I draw equally from nature, myths, holidays, and daily life as starting
points for my imagery.  My work tends to leave people smiling, or at least

My artwork reflects the family traditions that I was raised with and the value
that was instilled in me for creating items by hand.  The work ethic of farm life
and the appreciation of a partnership with nature have greatly influenced my
artistic process and imagery.  As we become technologically dependent, the old
ways of hand made get lost.  We lose a connection to the world around us that
working with our hands brings.  This is why my work is hand printed without
computers, my silk-screens hand drawn without photo emulsion processes, my
lino blocks carved, inked and pressed putting my direct touch on every aspect
of my work.  I work from home with every day tools that anyone could access.  I
make art to express that which is felt but unseen and to engage myself and the
viewer with things we may have forgotten:  the connection to our roots, to
childhood, nature, mystery, and the unknown.  It is easy to forget that we are
creative from birth and stiffle the impulse to play.  I hope with my art to stir
some of those hidden inclinations back to life both in myself and in the viewer.

Thanks to Trevor Burnett for making this short video documentary about my art and creative process!